2024 Chevy Tahoe RST With New Power and Sportier Look

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST

Chevy Tahoe RST – The Chevy Tahoe is a large SUV redesigned in 2021 as part of the fifth-generation Tahoe.

After the redesign, the third row of this SUV became more supportive, and its comfortable seats contained seven to Nine people. Chevy Tahoe offers several trims ranging from LS, LT, RST, Z71, Premier, and High Country.

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST
2024 Chevy Tahoe RST

In the coming 2024, the Chevy Tahoe is expected to come with more impressive updates, although we believe not much will change from the 2022 model.

The addition of more exciting features will probably be a consideration for the company to be able to compete with competitors such as Nissan Armada and GMC Yukon.

One of the trims we look forward to in 2024 is the RST (Rally Sport Truck) trim which offers the beauty of a stylish sports vehicle. The characteristic of the Chevy Tahoe RST is the contrast stitching on the seat.

The 2024 Chevy Tahoe RST will provide a performance package with extra power, improved exhaust, chassis adjustments, and brakes that are different from other trims.

The interior of this model is also designed more spaciously, be it for cargo or passengers. This SUV also provides a comfortable and smooth ride that makes it suitable for you to be your travel companion.

The model will reportedly hit the market in the final quarter of 2023 as a 2024 model year at a price that costs an additional approximately $8525 from the base trim.

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Interior

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Interior
2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Interior

The most prominent interior design characteristic of the Chevy Tahoe RST is the distinctive seats sewn in contrasting colors.

The seats available on this model can fit 7 to 9 people. In addition, the Chevy Tahoe RST comes with all the same content as the LT model and the availability of leather upholstery.

The interior of the RST is relatively roomy for passengers and cargo, but the available control layout is not very intuitive.

The door can be opened wide, making it easier for you to reach the front seats and rear seats. In addition to its good visibility, the Steering wheel and driver’s seat also feel comfortable because various adjustments accompany them.


The Chevy Tahoe base is available with various standard features, but when you choose the Chevy Tahoe RST, you will get more options.

Trim RST has some excellent features and also offers all the content there with LT models. Those features include LED headlights, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility that can be connected wirelessly with an easy-to-use infotainment touchscreen and wireless charging pads.

In addition, the trim will also provide:

  • A Bose Sembilan speaker audio system.
  • A digital instrument cluster.
  • Heated driver’s and front seat memory settings.
  • A charging port.
  • An automatic dimming rearview mirror.

Then, the Chevy Tahoe RST 2024 includes various technologies to help you while driving. Multi-purpose climate control, heating and cooling for all three lines, multi-display camera systems, and line guard assistance systems are some beneficial technologies.

Chevy Tahoe RST also provides adaptive cruise control to adjust the speed and maintain a constant distance between the car and other vehicles.

Forward collision mitigation is also available as a reminder if a collision is about to occur. The automatic brake can also operate without command if the sensor reads the possibility of an accident.

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Exterior

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Exterior
2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Exterior

Chevy Tahoe RST 2024 is designed with a unique and distinctive exterior. This model uses 22-inch wheels with black exterior trim.

The 2024 RST comes with a sportier and stylish body, characterized by its black ice-coated front fascia for an improved grille and exhaust that makes it different from the rest.

The exterior of the 2024 Chevy Tahoe RST probably won’t undergo significant changes from the previous model that got the “Street Inspired” body design. Black chrome is also found in several other body parts, making them look more charming.


The Chevy Tahoe RST 2024, which comes with an improved exhaust, suspense tweaks, and stronger brakes, certainly provides extraordinary performance, also called the Performance Edition.

Chevy Tahoe RST provides a smooth driving experience for you as it can handle bumps well. The lightweight steering wheel and tight turning circles help you navigate the city streets. However, its light steering is sometimes unsatisfactory, especially when driving at high speeds.

The multi-zone climate control system offered by Chevy Tahoe RST works well. However, the noise from the rear temperature system is a little annoying.

The guard system of the line occasionally responds slowly and inconsistently. When properly equipped, the Tahoe can pull up to 8,400 pounds for its withdrawal power.

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Engine

For the RST trim, the Tahoe used a 6.2-liter (420 horsepower, 460 lb-ft) 8 V engines with an added exhaust of 13 horsepower and seven pound-legs.

This makes the Chevy Tahoe RST very powerful, after calculating its power to reach 433 horsepower with 467 pound-feet of torque.

Chevy said there would be an improvement in performance metrics, including a 5.8-second sprint, 60 mph, a top speed of 124 mph, and a shorter stopping distance.

The RST trim also has an optional turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine with a power equivalent to 277 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. In both engines, there is also a 10-speed automatic transmission as standard.

When testing previous models, a sprint of 0-60 mph was recorded in 7.7 seconds. But with a more powerful engine, we believe the 2024 Chevy Tahoe RST will deliver a more impressive performance.


Chevy Tahoe RST as a large SUV with a relatively smaller size makes it not have many rivals. Required on the expedition of Ford, GMC Yukon (his brother of the company), Nissan Armada, and Jeep Wagoneer.

Despite not having many rivals, we expect the Chevy Tahoe RST to maintain its good form and continue to strive to improve, which is still a weakness among its competitors.

2024 Chevy Tahoe RST Price and Release Date

The price of the Chevy Tahoe RST that comes more tough and stylish is estimated at around $60 MSRP.

Another source said the price could have been added to the additional cost so that it would sell for about $8525. Then, the release date is the final quarter of 2023 which comes as a 2024 model year.

However, for more details, we need to wait for official confirmation from the chevy side. But we are sure that the quality provided will not disappoint and will correspond to the price.

While it hasn’t undergone significant changes with the previous model, we believe improvements are for a more impressive driving experience for Tahoe fans.

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