2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country: Full-Size Passenger SUV

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country – Monster Hybrid SUV assembled from America named Chevrolet Tahoe has managed to reap visitors’ attention at various events some time ago. Curious, how is the sensation of driving using the Monster SUV?

The sensation of entering the cabin space, the impression of Body Sport Utility Vehicle or what we know as SUV feels more relieved when compared to cars in general, especially with a variety of entertainment device assemblies that become added value while making the cabin atmosphere very modern and attractive.

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country
2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country

By bringing an all-new design concept and instilling an impressive range of capabilities, especially entering the second-year model sold after a complete redesign, we also expect the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe to be a carryover model.

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country Engine

Chevrolet is even expected to offer three types of engines that will be implanted in the 2022 Tahoe. First, the standard 5.3-liter V8 engine is capable of producing 355 horsepower with 383 pound-feet of torque. Second, the 6.2-liter V8 engine can produce 420 hp of power with 460 lb-ft of torque.

While the other engine prepared is a turbocharged 3.0 liter with six cylinders capable of producing power of 277 hp with torque of 460 lb-ft. The plan is, all machines will be equipped with an automatic transmission with ten accelerations.

Monster Car’s race kitchen system deserves attention. Because in addition to having a smooth engine sound, the engine instilled in this Tahoe has also raised Active Fuel Management Technology to regulate fuel consumption to be more effective and efficient.

This monster car has also been equipped with a unique aerodynamic system as well as a reduction in the weight of components with the use of light materials to achieve the results of fuel consumption of 1 liter with a mileage of up to 9 km when driving in the city and reach a mileage of 12 km per liter to go on the highway for the type of SUV Version 2WD.

As for SUVs, Version 4WDnya only reaches a distance of 8 km per liter for driving in the city and through the toll road.

This is because the engine has more advanced variable valve setting technology. Namely, the V8 machine implanted has been set the computerized system to make the engine’s function into V4 aka four cylinders at a specific time. So that with this capability can help for efficiency as well as effectiveness on fuel.

This engine has been implanted Late Intake Valve Closing (LIVC) device, a technology in the valve system to air the piston deliberately made delays at closing so that combustion becomes more efficient but without reducing the power and capability of the device.

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country Interior

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country Interior
2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country Interior

On the last generation Tahoe, for full-size SUVs. Third-row seats can barely accommodate adults—and only for a short time.

The legroom is narrow, and the bottom of the seat is so low that the passenger’s knees remain bent at uncomfortable angles. Cargo space behind third-row seats is also scarce.

By 2022, all of that had changed, thanks to the switch from a sturdy rear axle to an independent rear suspension and the increasing length of the Tahoe (growing 6.7 inches) and wheelbase (4.9 inches).

The result is comfortable second and third-row seating for adults. The Tahoe has a second-row seat outside of the extra space that can be folded, folded, and shifted and a third row that can eventually be folded flat.

Cargo space is currently 25.5 cubic feet behind the third-row seats—up 66% from the last generation. With the third row folded, there is a claimed maximum volume of 72.6 cubic feet, and with the second and third rows folded, which increases to 122.9 cubic feet. Compare that to 2020 figures of 15.3, 51.7, and 94.7 cubic feet, respectively. That’s a lot of extra cargo space.

Chevrolet High Country trim levels usually show the most luxurious versions of a particular model, and we hope the new High Country 2022 can enhance the concept of high-quality interiors.

The interior is not only of higher quality than Silverado. Tahoe also uses a redesigned angled dashboard. While he discards column-mounted shifters, his replacement is a button-press gear selector mounted high on the dashboard that doesn’t cut interior storage.

Lower trim may have suffered a drop in quality, but at least in the High Country, Chevrolet has given interior buyers a feel worth the price, something Tahoe and Silverado don’t have at the moment.

Chevrolet is also upgrading the standards and technology available in the 2022 Tahoe to a level that matches vehicles that can cost more than $80,000.

The infotainment system now uses a standard 10-inch touchscreen, and the gauge cluster can be equipped with an 8-inch screen in the center.

An optional 12.6-inch touchscreen is available to entertain rear passengers through the new rear seat media system.

The new Tahoe also offers a rearview mirror camera that can display what’s behind the SUV when the traditional rearview mirror is covered by people, pets, cargo, or a combination of the three.

It also offers a technological version of the Chevrolet trailer, including cameras, controls, and applications, making it easier and safer to take advantage of Tahoe crane capabilities.

Chevy Tahoe Safety Features

As for the standard safety features in the Tahoe 2022 also has features found in other advanced cars, among others Front collision warning sensors, automatic emergency braking system, as well as equipped with rear parking sensors will make the car will not be afraid to crash the rear body at the time of parking, as well as equipped with a rear traffic warning sensor, lane maintenance assistance, lane departure alerts, and blind-spot sensors.

Infotainment and connectivity

As for entertainment, the system settings on the vehicle are implanted on a dashboard that has been equipped with a 10.2-inch touch screen, wireless Android and Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, an Audio system with six speakers, Wi-Fi hot spots, six USB ports, and Bluetooth.

Wireless smartphone charger, 10-speaker Bose audio system, two 12.6-inch rear touchscreens, and navigation devices.

We expect the 2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country to maintain standard technology features and also be equipped with the same or even more advanced features than its predecessor.

Or, when you want to relax for a moment, turn on the system audio and enjoy the warm sun when the sunroof is opened. This car seems to teach us the gallantry and dynamism of a vehicle not to sacrifice comfort.

2022 Chevy Tahoe High Country Price

The 2022 Chevy Tahoe starts at $55,095 for the LT model with two-wheel drive and a 5.3-liter V8 under the hood. That includes $1,295 in destination costs, and although cheaper LS models are supposed to be available, they are not currently listed on the configurator.

The highest trim is High Country with a starting price of $70,895, and yes, it’s still with two-wheel drive. That does include the 6.2-liter V8, but crashing into four-wheel drive brings us to the already expensive $73,895.

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